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What our students are saying:


"I've been practicing pilates for just over 10 years in a variety of countries...Nassau Bahamas, Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa and now Auckland. I thoroughly enjoy Emma's classes and they truly are world class. She is very intuitive to her pupil's needs and no matter the size of the class, she finds great queues to keep both beginners and more advanced students continuously engaged and in tune with their bodies.

You don't need to worry what level you start her classes at, she manages to keep her eye on where you are no matter who else is in the class. A fabulous teacher and really enjoyable classes... leave feeling rejuvenated, mentally refreshed and focused!"


"Emma's Pilates has been great for me post- pregnancy. I feel fitter and trimmer than I have for years as well as strengthened in my core. The classes are an opportunity for a break in busy life to focus your mind whilst concentrating on doing the exercises. We are gently encouraged to challenge ourselves and build on exercises over time. I highly recommend Pilates with Emma."


"I had my first class with Emma on a Pilates retreat in Tonga in July. 2017.  Her approach to newcomers was gentle and she managed to keep us coming along every morning and afternoon for a week without injury.  She tunes into your individual needs perceptively and ensures there are several options for the exercises to suit varying ranges of fitness and flexibility.  Emma's instructions are clear and so easy to tune in to whether you can see her demonstrating or not as she makes her way around the room making adjustments to her clients and checking you are performing the exercises properly.  She will often use different pieces of equipment (bands, Swiss balls, rollers, small soft balls)  that keep the classes fresh and challenging.  After our retreat she organized a new class so that a group of us could continue the good work we started and we are really seeing the benefits already.  You will laugh at some of the things she asks you to do initially as you will deem them impossible......but after a few short weeks you will be amazed at how much closer to accomplishing these impossible moves you have become.  I would recommend Emma's classes to anyone wanting to strengthen and tone their bodies.  You know you've been thinking about it for a while...just do it. You won't be sorry."


"I first started Pilates for medical reasons but now I can't imagine life without it. Emma's classes are a perfect balance of pushing you so you feel like you are working hard and relaxing stretches that feel so good!"


"I exercise a lot and find Emma's classes help me with core strength and stretching. My all-round fitness is very much improved by the addition of Pilates. And it's fun as well."


"I really enjoy Pilates with Emma as the programme is varied every week. Emma takes care that we are achieving the best results we can while exercising. It is a fun class.”


"Emma brings a fantastic balance of enthusiasm, expertise and fun to her Pilates classes. She has a unique way of tailoring the class to meet individual needs."


"As a local physiotherapist I recommend some of my clients to Emma as I believe she takes time to review an individuals medical history and as such, structures her class accordingly. There are always options in her classes for varying abilities and she is very mindful of any physical restraints an individual may have. I can thoroughly recommend her classes!"


"Over the past five years, Emma has been the most wonderful Pilates teacher, friend and mentor  Her lovely, warm manner will be sure to put anyone new to Pilates at ease. She encourages everyone to explore and improve their range of movement. In Emma's classes you are sure to be greeted with a smile, to share a few laughs and leave feeling fabulous and refreshed."


"Pilates with Emma has been life- changing for me. Emma is very positive and explains things well. I feel safe and it has helped with my core strength so much. The first few months were challenging but so great to persevere and suddenly you are doing things that you never thought you would manage. I would highly recommend Pilates for any age and Emma as a teacher."


"I have been attending Emma's classes for at least four years and have gained enormous benefit from them.   The classes cater to all ages and stages and Emma has the ability to gauge individual needs within the class and offer appropriate challenges.   Emma is a wonderful teacher and her warm and engaging personality is the icing on the cake."


"I've been a convert to Pilates since moving to New Zealand and finding Emma's classes. Emma is an extremely knowledgeable, warm and friendly teacher, but one who is always pushing us to try harder. I leave classes feeling strong, energized and more confident with my body. Would definitely recommend."

Emma Furell

"Pilates with Emma has helped me regain my strength since giving birth to my twins. I feel stronger, more relaxed and just generally put back together physically and mentally after each class."

Robyn Fond

“I have been doing Emma’s classes for about a year now.  I find her teaching style very clear and easy to follow, and she shows great care for each of our unique needs, based on how our bodies are on the day.  I feel that Pilates has helped me strengthen and lengthen, which is crucial as I am very active and do all sorts of other activities. I would highly recommend Emma and her great Pilates classes to anyone!”

Bill Rimmer

"I have just recently become a retiree and have always been a reasonably fit person but as advancing years  approach my body had become a lot less supple - palaties was recommended and I joined the 9 am class with Emma at the Narrow Neck Gym - Emma's class has really helped me. The first thing that I have noticed is that I can now touch my toes and the type of exercise and movement that Emma's class does really suit me .I don't have any soreness next day and I look forward to the 1 hour session that I have been enjoying for the past 12 months .At 69 it's great feeling as good as I do now . It can be for men as well (even though a little out numbered in the class) I sure recommend the experience."

Jo Manning

"Emma manages to make you feel as though the class is tailored just for you, an individualised, one-to-one experience, despite it being delivered to a small group. She combines enormous Pilates experience and expertise, passion, and charm. Can’t recommend highly enough!"


"Pilates with Emma has been my pathway to more flexibility and body confidence. Emma is a fantastic teacher who is constantly challenging and innovative, while being attentive to individual needs - I'm addicted!"


"Pilates with Emma has been one of my best exercise experiences yet. She offers a wealth of knowledge, is attentive, warm and provides variety to ensure you keep engaged. She helps make exercise and looking after your health fun!"

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